About Us

        Mission and Values


        1. Our Philosophy

        • We value and protect the environment as well as the health and safety of staff. We treat our living and working environment with a responsible attitude. We aim to become an excellent corporate citizen and a company that actively participates in activities for the public good.


        2. Our Values

        Keeping Promises

        • We always keep our promises. We never make promises that we can not deliver. We never make promises on behalf of our clients without their authorizations. We fulfill promises with the highest moral standards and always match our words with deeds.

        Public Responsibility

        • We do our utmost to make life better, more pleasant and prosperous for the communities we are serving.
        Constant Improvement
        • We are ambitious in pursuing excellence. We strive to provide high-quality products and services for our customers, good working environment for our employees and outstanding performance for our shareholders.”


        3. Environment, Social and Governance

        Our objective is to create a more resilient logistics portfolio overall by ensuring that all our new buildings comply with our Environment, Social and Governance ("ESG") requirements, while adopting a continual improvement strategy to our existing assets. e-Shang believes that an integrated ESG approach is required to deliver the best benefits to e-Shang and our stakeholders. This will be implemented through following principles:

        • Upholding ethics and corporate integrity;
        • Embedding material ESG risks and opportunities into decision-making;
        • Engaging proactively with stakeholders;
        • Attracting and retaining talented, motivated employees;
        • Maximizing supply chain efficiency;
        • Driving performance through evidence;
        • Taking the lead in building better communities;
        • Protecting and enhancing the environment across all our operations;
        • Promoting Energy Efficiency and Renewables; and
        • Building sustainably certified new development.

        Our Environment, Social and Governance Policy can be downloaded here.

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