Professional Service

        Property Services

        Customer Service
        We respond promptly to property-management complaints so that our customers’ issues are solved in a timely manner.


        Along with the increase of property equipment installation and technical content, the daily work of customers will be greatly influenced once fault happens. Deal with the original data and maintenance data of the equipment and build complete equipment files; work out plans such as the routine maintenance, overhaul, major overhaul and medium maintenance of various facilities. Guide the customers in taking good care of various facilities and using them carefully.


        Security Service
        e-Shang takes customer discretion and comfort seriously by planning and designing security in depth and in detail right down to the guard uniforms so that our clients enjoy a safe and reliable service in an environment completely free of disturbance.


        Environmental Service
        •plans and arranges appropriate environmental works, providing a tidy environment on the premises without affecting customers
        •maintains a high sensitivity and performance in the clearing and transport of garbage to refuse collection stations
        •identifies and addresses sources of pollution;
        •plants, fertilizes and trims on-site shrubbery and greenery
        •chooses an appropriate professional subcontractor or goods supplier to guarantee long-term, high-quality service.


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