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        Inventory Development

        Standard Warehouse Facilities Development
        With experience in industrial facility construction and in combination with the strength of a local developer, e-Shang can provide the best service to match increasing demand for logistics, warehousing and distribution from our international and local clients. Also, thanks to e-Shang’s expertise in high-quality logistic warehousing facilities development, design and construction, e-Shang can deliver warehousing that achieves the diverse requirements of client through our close cooperation in the early stages of the project.


        Standard Factory Facilities Development
        Standardized factory facilities means multiple factories in a particular area that have been planned and designed with a consolidated approach toward architecture and utilities. Standardized factories offer a development and operation platform for smaller companies in the initial stage. Standardized factories follow national and local design codes and regulations such as firefighting, power distribution, ventilation, plumbing and energy preservation.

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